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As you can see, MANY great reviews that before this had also been posted on various third party websites in digital format. Sadly MOST were conveniently deleted by those websites, some saying their system automatically deleted them. If the good ones were deleted automatically, then why were the bad ones not deleted automatically? It is very clear that it was just an effort to extort money from us by harassing and bullying us! Notice that THE REVIEWS BELOW almost all have detailed information, the bad reviews online most of them do not even correspond to any actual client we have. If they are saying the truth and nothing but the truth then why are they hiding behind different names other than the actual ones on their files? We are hereby not saying that we have zero bad reviews or that we might not deserve any bad reviews at all... we will be the first to humbly admit that nobody is perfect. Honest bad reviews should absolutely be posted but the good ones should absolutely not be deleted either! We deserve fairness in this matter as do all other companies struggling with the same problem where review sites almost all became only about money by manipulating reviews. We also do not believe in deleting all the bad reviews because then our reviews would be fake. Please join us in our fight for justice!

We strive to be a five star clinic but not with fake reviews, good or bad, we want the five stars shining through from the hearts, twinkling in the eyes of the happily healed and helped dogs and cats!

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